Dorothy M. Weber

Dorothy M. Weber received her law degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1981. She graduated cum laude with a BA degree from Brooklyn College in 1977.

Ms. Weber is a member of the New York Bar and is admitted to practice in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, Second Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. She has a litigation practice specializ¬ing in intellectual property, and has represented book publishers, visual artists, theatrical and film entities, recording artists and others in copyright, trade¬mark, unfair competi¬tion, and contract cases. Ms. Weber's practice also includes extensive intellectual property licensing activities, including mergers and acquisitions involving the Internet. Ms. Weber has handled a number of seminal Second Circuit cases dealing with Copyright and Trademark issues, as well as participating in the landmark Supreme Court decision Eric Eldred et al. v. John D. Ashcroft, 01 U.S. 618, on the copyright term extension by filing an amici curaiae brief on behalf of Amsong, Inc., whose members include the Estate of Frank Loesser and the Estate of Hoagy Carmichael.

Ms. Weber is a member of the Bar Association of the City of New York and the First Amendment Lawyers Association, and has been a member of the Committee on Trademark and Unfair Compe¬tition and the Com¬mittee on Art Law of the Bar Association of the City of New York. Ms. Weber has lectured widely on copyright and trademark issues and is the author of various articles in the intellectual property field, including The Visual Artist's ManualThe New York Law Journal and Cardozo Entertainment Law Review.

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