Representing in the Field of Entertainment

Herbsman Hafer Weber & Frisch LLP client base is diverse and includes music publishing companies, record companies, music publishers, live music venues, motion picture companies, major recording artists, songwriters, authors, Broadway and motion picture composers, book publishers, screenwriters, fashion models, artist management companies, recording studios, merchandisers, music festivals and record producers. Herbsman Hafer Weber & Frisch LLP also acts as special counsel for companies involved in the entertainment and in the intellectual property field, such as providers of background music services and media systems dispensing information to the public. In addition, Herbsman Hafer Weber & Frisch LLP represents and does the licensing for the estates of several of the twentieth century’s premier performing and visual artists. Herbsman Hafer Weber & Frisch LLP has a strong international practice, with clients in numerous countries around the world, including Germany, Russia, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Australia, and South Africa.